Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blogsite!  I am Peggy, a rural homemaker in a Great Lake State.  I have a weakness for gardening, love my animals, and take pride in my home.  Inside you will find my blog operates a little differently than other gardening and home sites.  While I have picked up on many skills over the years, Peggy’s Little Corner is primarily an online diary of all that happens on my own little patch of earth, and is, therefore, more prosaic than preachy. I have been carving out my little corner for over 30 years now, and along the way I’ve met many people who seemed as pleased as I am to be on this little patch.  In fact, the blog site was born when one well meaning person published pictures of my home online.  I was unaware of this fact until strangers began showing up at my door wanting pictures of their own. With a little extra prodding, Peggy’s Little Corner was born.

At times you will find me rhapsodic over beautiful spring mornings, pulling out my hair when a seed simply refuses to grow, or laughing myself silly when the chickens or sheep get up to their antics.  Moreover, the knowledge found herein should not replace professional knowledge, especially on matters of animal care.  Being the daughter of a dairy farmer, I know too easily how those halcyon days can turn foul when your animals are ill, and as any good gardener will tell you, we are all novices when it comes to the teacher that is called Mother Nature.

In all of my endeavors I am joined by my husband, two adult children, and faithful sidekick, Dobby, a kindhearted gentleman in a big red body (now also including some wee mischief named Harry).  I also like sharing my love of green things, critters, and homey crafts with like minded people, so please feel free to comment or start a conversation on one of the various pages. Thanks for stopping by.